The software listed below is available for free to College of Engineering students, licensed by the College for students.

If you have any problems downloading or installing software, please e-mail our tech support department.

In addition to the above software, the UA Office of Information Technology offers a catalog of software available to students, faculty, and staff.

The University also provides UA Box, a secure, managed, cloud-based toolset and storage to facilitate collaboration and anywhere-access to active files and data. Visit the UA OIT website to register for a UA Box account.

AutoDesk offers free licenses to educational users for most of its software including AutoCAD, Civil-3D, and Revit. Follow this link to AutoDesk's site to register and download software. You can download ChemCAD from our server using this link. You will need to contact your professor for the license code or send an e-mail to

Beginning August 2018, UA offers a Matlab license to all faculty, staff, and students. Go to the UA OIT Matlab page for instructions for downloading Matlab. If you have any questions regarding Matlab, please contact the OIT service desk.

Starting February 13th, 2019, Microsoft replaced Imagine Premium subscriptions with Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. All UA students can access Microsoft software via the Azure webstore. For more information, view this PDF for login and download instructions.

Download this PDF for instructions for downloading and installing Solidworks. You will need to contact your professor for the license code or send an e-mail to If you are installing Solidworks on a Mac, here is a PDF with basic instructions to get you started.

UA provides a subscription to the VMware Academic Program to all STEM students. All College of Engineering students are eligible. For more information, please visit the UA OIT VMware page.